Saturday, October 5, 2013

I'm Back!!!!

 Got back a little while ago from a two and a half week excursion of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Venice. Had a great time and took about 1900 photos of my adventures. Here are a couple of highlights.

Sampled a couple of local beers,

took in some local culture, 

Picked up a souvenir or two, 

Saw a cool car or two, 

More beer, (hi mom!)

was contacted by the cops, 

more beer, 

stopped at a biker bar, 

saw a G-Ride, 

thought about renting a car, 

more cops, 

had some time to myself, 

damn cops, 

saw some local wildlife, 

a little more quiet time to take a medieval shit,  

hung out with the girls,

witnessed a gondola traffic jam in Venice, 

paid too much for coffee in St. Marks square (I was told you HAVE to do it)


a place that sold beer, 

two liter six pack, 

did NOT use these glasses

crossed the border to wherever at least 15 times, 

had a small snack, 

and came home safe and sound. whew!

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